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Junior Workshop: Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Yesterday was the latest session in the ongoing series of workshops on the college search for Northwood juniors.We focused on Asking Teachers For Recommendations. Here are the handouts and the presentation:

Items currently on junior to-do lists include…

  • recMeet with your college counselor
  • Work on your resume
  • Work on your college essay
  • Clean up your social media. Make your Twitter and Instagram private and update your Facebook settings.
  • Visit colleges over the summer.
  • Have a summer test prep plan.
  • Get a summer job.
  • Keep your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list up-to-date.
  • Ask teachers for recommendations.

Did you miss the meeting? See your college counselor for the recommendation packet and instructions.

Before the end of next week ask for at least three recommendations and return your green slip, which lists everyone you asked, to Ms. Ransom or your college counselor. On your green slip, you must only list teachers you asked. If you didn’t ask the teachers, they won’t write the recommendation, even if you list them on the green sheet.

Remember, we want you to ask for at least three recommendations.

Colleges and Universities that Require Two Letters of Recommendation from Teachers

List compiled by the legendary school counselor Cigus Vanni from Cherry Hill High School West (New Jersey/USA). Provided here free of charge.

Download document (PDF) here

recommendation_letterThe list compiled below is based on personal research utilizing data from The Common Application; from The College Board publication The College Handbook 2016; and from direct examination of individual college and university websites.  As in all cases with college admission requests and requirements, please consult individual schools for the most current and accurate information

While there are myriad schools that will accept and review more than one teacher recommendation, the entries listed here are those that require two letters of recommendation from instructors.  Colleges and universities with special circumstances are in bold italics with those unusual considerations listed.  Please note also that there may be colleges not listed below that admit students to special programs which may require two or more teacher recommendations—always check with the school to which the student is applying <smile>

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Why you should waive your right to read your teacher recommendations

I am a member the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS) and subscribe to the group’s email list-serve, where college counselors like me ask questions and share ideas. Right now there is a timely discussion about whether or not students should waive the right to see teacher recommendations. Continue reading