Suggestions for College Interviews

By Stephen "Reno" Reed 1. Be ready with a few intelligent questions about the university/college, questions that are not answered in the college catalog.¬† The best questions will deal with the ability of the college to help you achieve your goals. Questions which show that you have read the catalog and have thought about it … Continue reading Suggestions for College Interviews


10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

The college interview is probably not going to be the most important part of the application process, but it can help your chances of admission, provided you don't make these mistakes. 1. Be Late 2. Underdress 3. Talk Too Little 4. Make a Prepared Speech 5. Chew Gum 6. Bring Your Parents 7. Show Disinterest … Continue reading 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Interview Tips from the Conn College Admissions Office

Personal interviews are not a required part of the admission process at Connecticut College, but they're an excellent opportunity to add personal depth to your application. The interview is nothing to be intimidated by; just think of it as a conversation about your interests and involvements. Here is a list of interviewing tips that our … Continue reading Interview Tips from the Conn College Admissions Office