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Advice for Students on Topics for the New Common App Essays

The blog at collegeadmissionbook,com features a great article on the new Common App essay prompts.

The five prompts that will appear on the “new” Common Application (dubbed “CA4,” for the 4th version of the Common App) should allow for nearly any topic you might choose. College advisor Alice Kleeman shares her suggestions for academic, extracurricular, and personal topics that might fit neatly into a response for each prompt. Of course, these are just suggestions, designed to jumpstart your thinking, provide a gentle nudge if you feel stumped, and to help you decide which prompt might provide the best opportunity for you to show the admission office who you are. Your response to any college-essay prompt should be entirely personal and one that only you could write; these examples are just to get your essay juices flowing! Read more.

How to Write a College Application Essay that Stands Out (from BU)

Found this great resource from Boston University.

If the thought of writing that application essay makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. How important is it really? How can you make yours different from everyone else’s? And what are those Admissions people looking for anyway? Read more.

For the Essay, Keep it Brief

The updated Common Application for 2011-12 has been available since mid-April. early reaction to the (minor) revisions was an acknowledgement of changing demographics of college applicants: more veterans, more applicants with previous college experience and more children of lesbians and gays.

In the last week or so, people in my line of work (college counselors who advise high school students) have been debating another change. Continue reading

Some Tips on the Supplement Essay

Many students put a lot of effort into the personal essay and short-change the supplemental essay. These articles  and samples from Allen Grove’s blog help you avoid this mistake.

Top Ten Things Rising Seniors Can Do This Summer to Get a Jump on the College Search

1. Write a generic admission essay
Applying for college can take up as much time as a  regular class during the senior year. By preparing  a generic essay in advance that can be tailored to
different applications, the student can spend more time on studies and extra curricular activities once school begins. Continue reading

From Connecticut College: Essays That Worked

Connecticut College has given college applicants (and those of us who advise them) a great gift in this collection of 18 college admissions essays that worked.

More Essay Advice

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