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Northwood Senior College Checklist: Second Semester Edition


  • Send handwritten thank you notes to teachers who wrote recommendations.The questionnaire
  • Financial Aid Forms mailed by parents. These forms are available through the College Financial Aid Office and online ( or
  • Be sure to also send school-specific financial aid forms.
  • Last chance for the SAT or SAT Subject tests.
  • Midyear reports, including first semester grades, mailed to colleges.
  • College decisions begin to be mailed.

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Summer Before Your Senior Year


  • After school ends, get on the road to visit colleges. Seeing the college firsthand, taking a tour and talking to students can be the greatest help in deciding whether or not a school is right for you. Although it is ideal to visit colleges during the academic year, going in the summer will be valuable. Admission offices employ their students to give tours and answer questions from prospective students and their parents.
  • Take the SAT Reasoning Test, the SAT Subject Tests and/or the ACT.


  • Check your AP Exam scores, which will be available in early July.
  • Visit colleges, take tours, have interviews and ask questions. Make college visiting a family event. Involve your parents and siblings in every step of your application process. Choosing the right college is a tough decision; the opinions of those who know you best can provide helpful insight into which college is best for you.


  • Continue to refine your list of “Colleges I’m Thinking About” on Family Connection.
  • Begin preparing for the actual application process: draft and revise application essays; collect writing samples; and assemble portfolios or audition tapes. If you are an athlete and plan on playing in college, contact the coaches at the schools to which you are applying and ask about intercollegiate and intramural sports programs and athletic scholarships.
  • Returning seniors already have Common Application accounts and should keep working on them. New seniors (and PGs) should create a Common App account. Mr. Spear will hold virtual and on-site workshops to help you complete the application. Do not submit any applications until you return to school.
  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you hope to play Division I or II sports. (This form cannot be completed until you finish your sixth semester of high school.)
  • If you have identified a list of schools that you think you’ll apply to, use the colleges’ “Net Price Calculator” to estimate what your family will be expected to pay. More on financial aid.

Northwood School Senior College Checklist: October Edition

  • Complete the items on your task list that you haven’t completed yet.

2015-16 Standardized Testing Calendar for Northwood School Students

Test Date Tests Offered Test


Test Center Code
Sept. 12 ACT Saranac Lake 160550
Sept. 26 TOEFL (Seniors) Northwood 14933A
Oct. 3 SAT and Subject Tests Saranac Lake 33836
Oct. 14 PSAT – 9th, 10th and 11th

Practice ACT or TOEFL – 12th/PG

Northwood N/A
Oct. 24 ACT Northwood 181280
Oct. 31 TOEFL Northwood 14933A
Nov. 7 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Dec. 5 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Dec. 12 ACT Saranac Lake 160550
Jan. 23 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Jan. 30 TOEFL Northwood 14933A
March 5 SAT and Subject Tests Plattsburgh 33768
April 9 ACT Plattsburgh 160550
May 7 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
May 2 – 13 AP Exams Northwood  
May 21 TOEFL (Juniors) Northwood 14933A
June 4 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
June 11 ACT Saranac Lake

or school near home


or TBD

For most Northwood students, standardized testing follows the following schedule:

Seniors and PGS: Take the ACT in October at Northwood; the SAT in November in Saranac Lake; and the SAT Subject Tests in December at Northwood. Early decision candidates will likely take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests in October and November. English language learners take the TOEFL in October.

Juniors: Take the PSAT in October at Northwood; the SAT in May in Saranac Lake and the Subject Tests in June at Northwood; the ACT in June in Saranac Lake or at a school near home. English language learners take the TOEFL in May.

TOEFL test-takers coordinate testing dates with Ms. Finnerty Paul, who must approve all TOEFL testing before students register.

Northwood School Senior College Checklist: September Edition

There is a lot to do in September for seniors preparing to submit college applications. Here’s a checklist to help you stay on track. Most Northwood School students take five classes. I tell them that college applications is like a sixth class, at least for the first three months. Give your applications and the college search 30-45 minutes a day these first three months, and you’ll be fine. Continue reading

Northwood Senior College Checklist: December Edition

  • Arrange to have standarized test scores (that’s ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and TOEFL, as necessary) sent to colleges/universities you’ve applied to. Here’s how.
  • Complete Transcript Request Forms for all colleges with January deadlines and turn them in to the College Guidance Office no later than the Friday before the start of break (December 13).
  • Meet with your college counselor, as necessary.
  • Apply to all colleges with January deadlines.
  • Complete items from previous checklists that you haven’t finished.
  • Check with Mrs. Moore about your teacher recommendations. Write thank you notes to teachers who have already written recommendations and politely remind teachers who haven’t written theirs yet.
  • Collect Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA, CSS/PROFILE, and college-specific forms), which should be completed by your parents as soon as possible after the new year. More on Financial Aid.
  • Winter Vacation is the one of the last good chances for college visits before decisions are mailed.

Northwood Senior College Checklist: November Edition

  • Meet with your college counselor, if necessary.
  • Meet with your coach(es) (if applicable).
  • Finalize your list of colleges; make sure you have at least two reach schools, two match schools and two safe schools.
  • Determine which financial aid applications are required at each college to which you’re applying.
  • File applications with December deadlines before Thanksgiving break. Make sure your college counselor knows that you have a December deadline. Also make sure your Family Connection list of Colleges I’m Applying To is up-to-date.
  • Complete all application forms during Thanksgiving break; this is very important. You don’t necessarily need to hit submit then, especially if your counselor hasn’t reviewed it yet.
  • See your college counselor the first week after break if you need help on part of an application. Schedule an appointment with your counselor.
  • Remind your teachers to complete teacher recommendations; check with Mrs. Moore to see if your recommendations have been received.
  • Thank your teachers who have already completed your recommendations.
  • Remember: All of your college applications should be completed and submitted before you leave for winter break in December.