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Important Information for Recently Graduated Seniors

Dear Graduating Senior:

Congratulations on your graduation from Northwood! I enjoyed the ceremonies during commencement weekend. Unfortunately, I had to leave for our LEAP course in Iceland as you were ringigraduateng the victory bell. My quick departure meant I didn’t get to say congratulations and goodbye to most of you. I hope you have a wonderful summer and keep in touch with me and your alma mater.

Here are some answers to questions you might have: Continue reading

What Students and Parents Need to Know about Senior Year and the College Application Process

the-road-to-collegeCollege counseling offices do things differently, depending on the school. Here is some important information about how Northwood School does college guidance.

  • The student is responsible for submitting SAT/ACT/TOEFL and other test scores to colleges. The college counselor can help!
  • Once admitted, the student must commit to only one college by May 1st and may not submit multiple deposits. Northwood School will only send out one Final Transcript. (Students taking a year off may defer admission to more than one school. Student may also continue to remain on waitlists after May 1).
  • It is Northwood School policy to answer the disciplinary questions asked of us by colleges and report any suspensions, expulsions, or probations. Northwood School is expected to report on any major disciplinary incidents until graduation.
  • Students must keep the college counseling office up-to-date on their college lists, so that the college guidance office is sending out application materials to the correct colleges. Students also need to update the college counseling office when they receive admission decisions from colleges.
  • Students are required to ask teachers to write recommendations by the third week in October. They will ask for two (2) Common Application recommendations and three (3) Northwood recommendations.
  • The student must give (in a timely fashion) teachers and the counselor all forms that need to accompany the application.
  • Any predictions that college counselors make about admissions decisions are their best guesses; this is a very human and unpredictable process.
  • Students must let the college counseling office know which colleges they are applying to with Early Decision or Early Action deadlines as soon as they know, but no later than Oct 24th. They must let the college counseling office know which colleges they are applying to with Regular Decision deadlines before Thanksgiving break. Any delay in this notification might delay Northwood School’s materials being sent to the colleges.

Remember this: despite the challenges of the college process, your senior year is about learning, being involved in the Northwood School community, and having balance in your life.

“Unfiltered” Advice for Parents and Students

adviceA writer with the Washington Post asked me and other college admission pros what we wish we “could say to parents and students about education, parenting, life and college but cannot, either because [we] want to keep [our] jobs or [we] think parents/kids are not ready to hear it.” We were assured our responses would be anonymous.

Here is my advice, no anonymity needed. Continue reading

Sticker Shock: How to Budget for the College Search

collegefundRising college tuition and fees have been well studied and reported in the media. The cost of attendance at many of the most selective private colleges and universities can top $60,000 per year. Even as families work hard to save for that major expense and plan to apply for financial aid they are surprised by the cost of the college search and application process, which, if a student isn’t careful, can approach $10,000.

Here’s a summary of what to expect: Continue reading

New: Paper Form of the Common Application

logoApplicants are required to submit the Common Application online, but this full paper version of the 2015-16 Common App might help you practice or prepare for the application. It is especially helpful to review all of the questions so you can collect information that you need before you start the online application. Of course, you can always Save and Exit and return to the Common App if you need to ask your parents about their educations and occupations, etc.

The Common App hasn’t released this yet to the public, but I’m told they plan to soon.

2015-16 Common App Account Matching Tutorial

Colleges and Universities that Require Two Letters of Recommendation from Teachers

List compiled by the legendary school counselor Cigus Vanni from Cherry Hill High School West (New Jersey/USA). Provided here free of charge.

Download document (PDF) here

recommendation_letterThe list compiled below is based on personal research utilizing data from The Common Application; from The College Board publication The College Handbook 2016; and from direct examination of individual college and university websites.  As in all cases with college admission requests and requirements, please consult individual schools for the most current and accurate information

While there are myriad schools that will accept and review more than one teacher recommendation, the entries listed here are those that require two letters of recommendation from instructors.  Colleges and universities with special circumstances are in bold italics with those unusual considerations listed.  Please note also that there may be colleges not listed below that admit students to special programs which may require two or more teacher recommendations—always check with the school to which the student is applying <smile>

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