Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Yesterday was the final session of the series of workshops on the college search for Northwood juniors. We focused on Asking Teachers For Recommendations. Here are the handouts and the presentation: ASKING FOR TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS slides (2019) How to ask teachers for recommendations Extra Common App teacher rec request form Extra Northwood rec request form … Continue reading Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Important Information for Graduating Seniors

By now, most colleges and universities have notified applicants of their decisions. Many students have chosen their college/university, while others are still deciding. Here are some things that all seniors need to know: Spring break is the last chance to visit colleges before you’ll have to choose. Try to attend a formal “admitted students day.” … Continue reading Important Information for Graduating Seniors

Session 6 – Making the Most of the College Visit

Tonight is the sixth in our series of workshops for juniors on the college search and application process. We will begin by reviewing the junior year timeline for March and April: The most important thing of all: get good grades! Register for the May SAT. Continue SAT prep using the Khan Academy site. Meet 1-on-1 … Continue reading Session 6 – Making the Most of the College Visit