logoYou have completed the ASVAB and should have your results by now. See Mr. Spear or Ms. Hulbert if you don’t yet have your ASVAB results. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP) is made up of three components:

> ASVAB: The aptitude test estimates your performance in academic and vocational endeavors. You’ve done this. Congratulations! But you are not done, now take the FYI and explore careers with OCCU-FIND.

> FYI: It stands for “Find Your Interests.” The FYI interest inventory measures your work-related interests.

> OCCU-Find: A career catalog provides activities to help you put a plan together.

Now that you’ve taken the ASVAB, here are 4 things you can do:

1. View the Understanding your ASVAB Results Tutorial

2. Take the FYI. The FYI (“Find Your Interests”) is an interest inventory available to ASVAB CEP participants. The results generated reveal work-related interest codes. This tutorial explains how to take the FYI and what the results indicate. The FYI takes about 20 minutes to complete. More on FYI.

3. After you have the results of the FYI, use OCCU-FIND to research careers. OCCU-Find is a catalog of career details available to ASVAB CEP participants. More on OCCU-FIND.

4. Explore additional post-test activities.

You also have excellent career resources available to you as part of Naviance Student, the college and career planning web site we use at Northwood School. After you log in to Naviance Student, click on the CAREERS tab, where you can take career interest surveys, explore careers, and watch video clips of 850 leaders on struggle, triumph, and self-discovery that have been broken into 48 themes and 29 interests.

Questions about college majors? Check out MyMajors and BigFuture, which provide excellent information about college majors.

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