Dear Graduating Senior:

graduateCongratulations on your graduation from Northwood! I enjoyed all of the festivities leading up to commencement. Unfortunately, I had to leave for our LEAP course in Tanzania as you were lining up to march to the tent. My quick departure meant I didn’t get to say congratulations and goodbye to most of you. I hope you have a wonderful summer and keep in touch with me and your alma mater.

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

1. Final Transcripts to Colleges

Shortly after your final grades are released, Ms. Hulbert and I will send your final transcript to the college where you decided to matriculate. If you were admitted to a school from the wait list or otherwise change your plans, please let me know right away. We only send your transcript to one school, unless special circumstances (e.g., admitted from wait list) warrant.It may take up until June 14 for all schools and institutions to receive your ranscript, which is clearly indicated on our School Profile:



2. Final Transcripts to the NCAA

After sending final transcripts to colleges and university, Ms. Hulbert and I will send your final transcript to the NCAA, but only if you have registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you register with the Eligibility Center after graduation and need your transcript sent, please let the college counseling office know when you have finished registering and we will send your transcript.


3. Transfer of I-20 and Student Visa

International students who studied in the United States with a student visa should know that next week Northwood will transfer your visa to the college or university you plan to attend next year. If you change your college plans, you must let us know this right away, because the change may affect your visa status.

If you are an international student who plans to play hockey in the United States or Canada next year, you should consult your team management about securing appropriate visas for next year.


4. AP Exam Scores

Your AP exam scores will be available in early July. Click here to check your scores.


5. Important Things to Know for Seniors not Going to College Next Year

If you are planning to take a gap year, play junior hockey or train for the junior national team, there are some things you need to know about the college search and application process for students in your situation.

  • If you know where you will attend college, and you have been admitted, and you have already accepted the offer of admission, paid your deposit and deferred, then you only need to follow the instructions from the school you will attend.
  • Many of you do not know where you will go to college or you have “verbally committed” to a school, but have not yet applied or been admitted. Here are some things you need to know:
    • You will need to “Roll Over” your Common Application. Even if you plan to take two years off, log in to your Common App some time after August 1 and say that you wish to reactivate or roll over your account. Roll over your account every year you are out of high school until you matriculate at a college.
    • Update and complete your application, including the essay.
    • If you apply using the Common Application, then you will need to answer the college-specific questions and maybe a supplement essay.
    • If you register for standardized testing (ACT, SAT, etc.), please pay attention to your test center. Northwood may be set as your default test center, and you will want to change that. Keep Northwood as your high school, but change your grade to “no longer in high school.”
    • When you are ready to apply to college, please complete this transcript request form. Please make your request at least two weeks before the deadlines.
    • We have your transcripts and recommendations on file and will send those via US mail.
    • There is a $10 charge per destination. Make checks out to Northwood School or call the business office to pay via credit card.
    • You are responsible for sending your test scores directly from the College Board or ACT.

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