college pennantList compiled by the legendary school counselor Cigus Vanni from Cherry Hill High School West (New Jersey/USA). Provided here free of charge

Data based on college Class of 2021 (entered college fall 2017) and include only those students who ENROLLED—not those who APPLIED or those who were ACCEPTED.  Data for the Class of 2022 (those who enter fall 2018) is not released until the spring so that schools can report both fall and spring cohort results

The figures below for SAT and ACT were culled from the various sources noted below.  For institutions that chose not to report mid 50% ACT results, I utilized the newly-minted joint concordance released by College Board and the ACT.  Since both organizations were party to the psychometrics involved (as was the NCAA), I am confident that the comparison is fair and just (these ACT entries are indicated by an asterisk)

For institutions in bold, submission of standardized testing is OPTIONAL.  Do note, however, that some schools so designated may have minimum GPA requirements or other conditions by which test-optional may be used.  ALWAYS CHECK WITH EACH SCHOOL!

For institutions in italics, TEST-FLEXIBLE is the school policy—students may submit other examinations such as AP, IB or Subject Tests.  ALWAYS CHECK WITH EACH SCHOOL!

(The University of Delaware is test-optional only for residents of Delaware and is consequently not highlighted below)

SOURCES:  The College Board; National Center for Education Statistics (College Navigator program); the wonderful work by Compass Prep; various school websites; and the occasional call to admissions to inquire specifically about test results

[initially created July 18, 2018; revised July 29]

Download the List Here


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