Yesterday was the final session of the series of workshops on the college search for Northwood juniors. We focused on Asking Teachers For Recommendations. Here are the handouts and the presentation:

Items currently on junior to-do lists include…

  • recAsk teachers for recommendations.
  • Work on your resume
  • Work on your college essay. See also here and here.
  • Clean up your social media.
  • Visit colleges over the summer. If you can’t visit, be sure to check out their “virtual tours” online. More here.
  • Have a summer test prep plan. More.
  • Get a summer job.
  • Keep your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list up-to-date.

Did you miss the meeting? See your college counselor for the recommendation packet and instructions. We’ll have a make-up meeting in the evening the week after LEAP.

Preferably before the seniors graduate, but definitely before your finals begin, ask for at least three recommendations and return your green slip, which lists everyone you asked, to Mr. Spear or Ms. Hulbert. On your green slip, you must only list teachers you have asked. If you didn’t ask the teachers, they won’t write the recommendation, even if you list them on the green slip.

Remember, we want you to ask for at least three recommendations this spring, but you may ask for more.

Here are the two videos we watched in the seminar:

The resource was revised in May 2019 


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