graduateBy now, most colleges and universities have notified applicants of their decisions. Many students have chosen their college/university, while others are still deciding. Here are some things that all seniors need to know:

Spring break is the last chance to visit colleges before you’ll have to choose. Try to attend a formal “admitted students day.”

Be sure to review and compare financial aid offers and call the colleges if you have questions and concerns.

If you are wait-listed to a school, you still want to attend: follow the instructions to remain on the wait list. Some students choose to follow-up with a letter from the student, an additional recommendation and visit the college. You will not hear from that wait list school until after May 1, so you MUST submit a deposit at another school before May 1.

Common Reply Date for seniors is May 1. A deposit is usually required. Read How to Accept or Decline an Admission Offer. Please remember that no college/university can require (or even suggest) a student to commit to attend via a reply date that falls prior to May 1. Colleges may not establish policies or engage in practices whose effect is to manipulate commitments prior to May 1. They must honor admission, scholarship, and financial aid commitments to students and not adversely alter their offers prior to May 1 for candidates who choose not to reply until that date, nor can they state or imply that candidates might incur such a penalty by waiting until May 1 to submit an enrollment deposit. The ONLY exceptions to these provisions are students admitted via Early Decision or NCAA athletic scholarship programs. Please let Mr. Spear know if a college appears to be requiring a commitment before May 1.

If you plan to defer admission, send a letter requesting a deferral. Be sure to inquire about the college’s deferral policy first. Read this about deferring.

Study for and take your AP exams.

Log in to Family Connection, and take the Graduation Survey.

In early June, the college counseling office will mail final transcripts to colleges students plan to attend. We do not support students “double depositing.” We only send final transcripts to one college or university, with a couple of exceptions, including colleges to which the student was waitlisted or colleges where the student has deferred admission.

We will also send final transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center if the student has an account there.

International students who studied in the United States with a student visa should know that shortly after graduation Northwood will transfer your visa to the college or university you plan to attend next year. Make sure we are perfectly clear which college you will attend. If you change your college plans, you must let us know this right away, because the change may affect your visa status. If you are an international student who plans to play hockey in the United States or Canada next year, you should consult your team management about securing appropriate visas for next year.

The college counseling office will send updated transcripts, with AP Exam scores, to colleges in mid-July for students who took AP exams.

Please note that some colleges require students to electronically submit SAT, ACT and AP scores directly from the testing agency, so students should do that if it’s required. Here’s more information on sending scores.

If you plan to take a gap year or play junior hockey next year, please read this, especially #5.

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