Dear Seniors (and your parents):

Greetings from Lake Placid, where Northwood recently completed Family Weekend. Thanks to all of you who attended my session on the college admissions process.

Last week, all of the seniors made great progress on the college search and application process. About half the class took a practice SAT, ACT or TOEFL. The rest of the class, which included everyone who is done standardized testing, made big gains on their college applications, including essays.

Here are a few updates I want to share:

  • Be sure to fill out a Transcript Request Forms (also called Yellow Sheet) for every college/university to which you plan to apply. Turn in your Yellow Sheet two weeks before the application deadline. If you have November deadlines, you must turn in your Yellow Sheets right away.
  • Here is  some outstanding advice for parents on the college admission process (from Middlebury College).
  • Here is the October Checklist for seniors.
  • Here are the instructions for submitting ACT/SAT scores to colleges/universities.
  • For more information and frequent updates, check out my blog (website), College Counseling at Northwood on Facebook and my Twitter feed.
  • Finally, it is very important for students to show all applications (and supplements) to their counselors before submitting them.

Thanks to all of the parents who stopped in to see me during Parents’ Weekend. I enjoyed meeting you. For those of you who couldn’t make it: I hope to see you soon, and please keep in touch.

John Spear
Director of College Counseling

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