Dear Parent:

financial-aid-office2The College Guidance office at Northwood School held our second webinar of the year tonight, Affording College: Financial Aid and Scholarships. Thank you to the 21 parents who attended, and thank you to Jennie Hoffman of SUNY Oswego, who was our guest expert.

Here are some related resources and information on the topics we discussed tonight:

Later this school year, we will host two more webinars related to affording college and financial aid: the first one will be practical advice on comparing financial aid offers; the second will be a more general session similar to what we did with tonight’s webinar. Stay tuned for more information about those.

I invite you to attend the Family Weekend session on the college search and application process. See the Family Weekend schedule for more information.

Finally, save the date for the next College Guidance webinar:

Demystifying the College Testing Process
Wednesday, October 12 at 7PM

Best regards,

John Spear
Director of College Guidance

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