the-road-to-collegeCollege counseling offices do things differently, depending on the school. Here is some important information about how Northwood School does college counseling.

  • The student is responsible for submitting SAT/ACT/TOEFL and other test scores to colleges. The college counselor can help!
  • Once admitted, the student must commit to only one college by May 1st and may not submit multiple deposits. Northwood School will only send out one Final Transcript. (Students taking a year off may defer admission to more than one school. The student may also continue to remain on waitlists after May 1).
  • It is Northwood School policy to answer the disciplinary questions asked of us by colleges and report any suspensions, expulsions, or probations. Northwood School is expected to report on any major disciplinary incidents until graduation.
  • Students must keep the college counseling office up-to-date on their college lists so that the college counseling office is sending out application materials to the correct colleges. Students also need to update the college counseling office when they receive admission decisions from colleges.
  • Students are required to ask teachers to write recommendations by the third week in October. They will ask for two (2) Common Application recommendations and three (3) Northwood recommendations.
  • The student must give (in a timely fashion) teachers and the counselor all forms that need to accompany the application.
  • Any predictions that college counselors make about admissions decisions are their best guesses; this is a very human and unpredictable process.
  • Students must let the college counseling office know which colleges they are applying to with Early Decision or Early Action deadlines as soon as they know, but no later than two weeks before the deadline. They must let the college counseling office know which colleges they are applying to with Regular Decision deadlines before Thanksgiving break. Any delay in this notification might delay Northwood School’s materials being sent to the colleges.

Remember this: despite the challenges of the college search and application process, your senior year is about learning, being involved in the Northwood School community, and having balance in your life.

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