Dear Juniors and Sophomores (and your parents):

Spring break is almost here. Of course, it’s important to rest and recharge our batteries during the break, but for juniors and sophomores, it’s also a great time to get some work done on the college search. In addition to resting and recharging, here are two more ideas for your spring break:

campustour1. Visit some colleges and universities

Spring of the junior and sophomore years is a great time to visit colleges. For most sophomores, it’s a first serious look at a college campus, and the tour and visit can help focus a student’s attention on getting good grades. Juniors are developing a list of prospective colleges. Spring break is the perfect time to visit a few schools.

But how do you make sure you make the most of a college visit? Review this excellent resource and check out the resources about the college visit on my web site.

Can’t visit any colleges? Check out the virtual tours of the colleges on your list. Most admissions offices will offer such a tour on their web site. You cna also check out CampusReel, which is building a collection of online student-led campus tours.


college fair2. Attend a College Fair

Consider attending a National College Fair near you. During spring break, there are thirteen national college fairs taking place around the country. You might combine the college fair with a campus visit of a nearby college. Read more about how to make the most out of your visit to a national college fair.
Here’s a list of national college fairs during Northwood’s 2019 spring break:

More college fairs.

Updated February 2019.

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