Stay Focused on Your Studies!
Here’s some great advice from the New York Times: “We all know that senioritis is for real. Do your best to fight it. There is a lot to gain from ending the year with good grades, as you’ll be well prepared for final exams and APs, too. Now is not the time to cheat, plagiarize or break the rules. Remember that colleges have the right to pull their admission letters, and they do this regularly. Use your best judgment at all times.”

File the FAFSA and Take Care of Other Financial Aid Responsibilities
Deadlines for financial Aid and scholarships are here. Review this timeline to make sure you are on track.

beautiful young student girl with letterWhat If You’re On the Waiting List?
If you were placed on the waiting list and you still want to attend the school, you must first tell the college you want to remain on the waiting list. There are three more things you can do: first, write a letter to the admissions office explaining why you think that college is right for you. Do you have any new news? Did you start a club, organize a fundraiser, or boost your grade in math? Be sure to mention it in your letter. Second, ask your college counselor to send your third quarter grades to the college. If they didn’t go up, at least a little, it’s not likely you’ll be admitted. Finally, you can ask a teacher to write an additional recommendation and have it sent to the admissions office on your behalf. Doing these three things may help increase your chances of being admitted off the wait list, but bear in mind: being admitted from the waiting list isn’t likely at most colleges. You’ll need to place a nonrefundable deposit at another school, and make alternative plans.

Athletes, let the coach know your decision
Be sure to touch base with the college coach where you are headed. He or she should know that you’ve made up your mind and will soon (or already have) submitted your deposit.

Visit one last time
Paying for college will be one of the most costly thing you (and your parents) do. Make sure you are making the right decision. Visit one last time.  Attend an “accepted student day;” sit in on a class that you might take next year; maybe even stay the night in the dorm. Do yourself the favor of making sure you are making the best choice for you. If you are considering between several schools, visit all of them. And please: don’t attend a college or university that you have never visited.

Evaluating financial aid offers
You’ve been accepted by a bunch of good colleges, and the financial aid offers from the schools are flowing in. How do you compare them? Read about it here.

How to accept and decline an offer of admission
You must make your college decision on or before May 1. Accepting or declining an offer of admission is simple. Once you decide where you’ll attend, confirm with the college, send your deposit and do everything else they require. Next, politely decline offers of admission to all other schools that accepted you. You really do need to do this. Declining offers of admission is basic good manners and is good for Northwood’s reputation in college admission offices. Read more.

Colleges Still Accepting Applications
Maybe you got a late start in the application process, but now you’re ready to apply. Maybe you are getting denied admission to your top choices and want to submit another application or two as an insurance policy. Whatever your reason, it’s good to know there are hundreds of colleges and universities still accepting applications. See your college counselor for more information.

Remember to tell us about all admissions decisions
Please tell your college counselor, Mrs. Moore or Mr. Spear about all of the college admissions decisions you receive. It’s important to keep us informed every time you hear from a college, even if it’s bad news.

1012579_10152435471489540_9188506274463679956_nBuy Your College T-Shirt or Sweatshirt Shortly after May 1, the college counseling office will have a group photo of the class of 2016 with everyone wearing the t-shirt/sweatshirt from the college or university they plan to attend. Don’t miss out. Get your t-shirt soon.

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