To all Northwood Juniors and Your Parents:

College SignLast night we had another session in our series of workshops about the college search and application process. We focused on two topics: standardized testing and conducting a college search online.

Here are the materials I distributed at the workshop:

Some of the tasks on their to-do list include:

  • Register for the May SAT at Northwood (see instructions above)
  • Add at least three colleges to “Colleges I’m Thinking About”
  • Take the Junior College Interest Survey
  • Explore potential majors and careers under the “Career” tab in Family Connection
  • Scheduling a meeting with your counselor after February break

Next time we meet, which will be shortly after February break, we will have college hockey and ski coaches discuss the athletic recruiting and the transition to intercollegiate athletics. That session will be optional, but we encourage all prospective intercollegiate athletes to attend.

– John Spear
Director of College Guidance



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