Dear Juniors and Parents of Juniors:

headed for collegeLast night, the class of 2017 formally kicked off the college search with the first of a series of seminars on the college search and application process. We took stock of the group’s collective experience with college admissions, reviewed the paper PSAT score reports and then learned how to create a Family Connection account.

About Family Connection

Northwood students use Family Connection to research and apply to colleges, create a resume, sign up for college visits, prepare for the SAT and ACT, communicate with your college counselor and manage all of the things to do regarding applying to college. Parent(s) will also have access to this site. They can see everything we’re up to, and even suggest colleges to consider, but only students can do the work. Parents will receive an email with instructions on creating a parent account. More on creating a Family Connection account can be found here.


I handed out the Junior Timeline. Every student has a list of tasks to complete, which can be found on their Family Connection account under “About Me” and then “Tasks.” The tasks between now and spring break include:

  • Get good grades!
  • Meet individually with your college counselor
  • Complete the Junior College Interest Survey
  • Complete Do What You Are® 2.0 (a survey to assess possible careers and college majors)
  • Add 3 career clusters to your list
  • Build or update your resume
  • Link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts
  • Register for the May SAT.
  • Add colleges to your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list
  • Visit colleges over spring break
  • Create a Common Application account

Next week we will meet again on Tuesday at 6:30pm to learn about standardized testing and resources for researching colleges.

Best regards,

John Spear
Director of College Guidance

Slides from the session

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