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The transition to college can be as difficult for parents as it is for students.

Here is a collection of excellent advice to help parents leave their children behind and let them move into their own new adventures in college and beyond.

9 tips on how to be a good college parent (Washington Post)
Emory University psychology professor Marshall Duke gave speeches for more than 30 years to nervous parents preparing to leave their children at the school. Here are Duke’s tips to help parents leave their children behind and let them move into their own new adventures.

An Open Letter to Parents of Incoming Freshmen
John Warner, an author and visiting instructor at College of Charleston, advises parents that “success and happiness are a long game, and letting your child learn how to dust themselves off after a tough blow is a key component to achieving these things. Rather than being a participant/coach in your child’s life, think of your role as more audience/cheerleader. You’re still involved and passionate and wholly invested, but you’re more helpful in the stands than on the field.”

Transition Year
It’s common to assume that the major obstacle in adjusting to campus life will be academic. However, research shows that emotional issues are most likely to interfere with success at college. Transition Year helps you prepare.

Grown and Flown
This blog for parents of 15-25 year-olds, written by NY Times bestselling authors, is all about the transition to adulthood and offers parents excellent advice on helping their children with the transition from high school to college.
Understood is a coalition of fifteen organizations with expertise in all kinds of learning differences, and they have an excellent collection of resources on the transition to college.

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