• Complete the items on your task list that you haven’t completed yet.
  • Attend some of the many sessions with college admissions representatives who visit campus. See a list here.
  • Register for the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (financial aid form required by some colleges) (https://profileonline.collegeboard.com).

  • Get started on the FAFSA.
  • Read up on Financial Aid.
  • Meet with your college counselor again.

  • Research schools on your list. Add and subtract schools. You should have your list of 5-9 colleges to which you’ll apply by the end of October, but definitely no later than December break.
  • Complete your Common Application and Supplements.
  • Fill out one  Transcript Request Form (also called Yellow Sheet) for every college or university you apply to. Submit the Yellow Sheet two weeks before the deadline. If you have November 1 deadline, turn in your Yellow Sheet very soon.
  • Want to participate in college athletics?
  • Register for any remaining standardized tests: ACT, SAT, TOEFL etc.

  • Finalize your college essay. Be sure to write any college-specific essays.

  • File early decision/early action applications, if applicable, by the end of the month.

  • Settle on a final list of schools to which you’ll apply.

  • Take the SAT and the ACT.

  • Ask teachers to write recommendations, and then send them thank you notes.
  • Ask your college counselor if you can review your transcript. Make sure it’s accurate.
  • Arrange college visits during time off at Thanksgiving break.

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