List compiled by the legendary school counselor Cigus Vanni from Cherry Hill High School West (New Jersey/USA). Provided here free of charge.

Download document (PDF) here

Data based on college Class of 2018 (entered college fall 2014) and include only those students who ENROLLED at each individual school, NOT all students who applied NOR all students who were accepted. Those schools that reported all three sections of the SAT for The Common Data set are in italics. Otherwise, numbers in brackets are PROJECTED SAT totals for three scales, calculated by doubling the Critical Reading section and adding this to the Math section. Normative data released by The College Board in summer 2014 indicated that the average score for students on the Writing section of the SAT is 498 nationwide. This is roughly commensurate with the national average for Critical Reading (503); consequently, the extrapolation of Writing scores to form a three part total is based on the assumption that the range of Writing results will be parallel to the range of scores from the Critical Reading section

SOURCES: The Common Data Set 2014-15, The College Board; school websites.

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