Next up in Northwood’s series of programs about the college search and application process for juniors is athletics.

In this session students will about the mathematics of intercollegiate athletics, namely that for every roster spot there are hundreds, if not thousands of young men and women competing for it. Most student-athletes do not earn a spot on a division I team, and much fewer earn the coveted full scholarship. It’s a hard, but important, lesson to learn for aspiring college athletes.

We’ll share the basics on the NCAA Eligibility Center, including eligibility requirements and recruiting rules.

We will also describe how a student-athlete goes about getting recruited by a college coach, including what coaches and counselors do, what the student does and what parents do.

We conclude with a list of next actions for juniors, which includes continuing to work on the last to-do list as well as creating a player profile, drafting letters to coaches and meeting with his/her coach.

Click here for a copy of the presentation and click here for the handouts.

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