10 international students joined Mr. Spear on a series of eight college visits ver five days. We saw:

  • RPI
  • University of Albany
  • Marist College
  • Manhattanville College
  • Drew University
  • Montclair State University
  • Rutgers University
  • Clarkson University

Here are some photos from our trip.

Touring Manhattanville.
Dinner at Applebees or Chilis or some other chain restaurant.
Picturesque University of Albany.
On the bus.
On the bus.
Beautiful – and BIG – Rutgers.
We found a wonderful Asian restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.
Drew University in the forest.
Drew University in the forest.
The castle at Manhattanville.
The food at RPI got great reviews.
Sleeping on the bus.
Sleeping on the bus.
Sleeping on the bus.
Sleeping on the bus.
Sleeping on the bus.
Sleeping on the bus.
BoQ9F4CCIAA82VW.jpg large
McDonald’s still has some fans.
BoP1NdHCQAE12HZ.jpg large
Ke Fan bought a hat at Rutgers!
BoP8QaAIQAArgE_.jpg large
We found a yummy Caribbean restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.
We found a wonderful Asian restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.
BoM41AaIAAAabGJ.jpg large
We found a wonderful Asian restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.
BoM40umIAAAM_iB.jpg large
We found a wonderful Asian restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.
BoLLzB3CAAAb759.jpg large
We were charmed by Madison, NJ, home of Drew University.
BoLg0beCcAAhMol.jpg large
We bumped into the mascot at Montclair State. Photo op!
BoLfHGeCYAAApV1.jpg large
Our mascot and present for Yosef, Mr. Spear’s son.
BoL2pUvIIAAVG_Z.jpg large
Montclair State is on a lot of application lists after this week.
BoHYPixIEAAUgQd.jpg large
The castle at Manhattanville College was a hit.
BoF8Sy8CIAA9bLS.jpg large
Marist College was very popular.
BoBfqiFCYAAC3EN.jpg large
We’ll have a lot of applications to University of Albany next fall.
BoBeY9BCEAA9KTZ.jpg large
We had a lot of enthusiasm for University of Albany.
BoBD4aSIcAEurjL.jpg large
One of the many pretty fountains at SUNY Albany.
BoA-RioCcAAWZfi.jpg large
There was a lot to love at RPI
BoA92sdCEAIrIjf.jpg large
Short mall visit in Albany.
Bn_Z6PMIAAAdOTb.jpg large
We were “out” all week.
The entrance to Montclair State
The 24-hour diner at Montclair State
Rutgers University - New Jersey
The welcome center at Rutgers

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