Here is a quick overview of Northwood School’s program about the colleges search and application process for Juniors.

December 9: Taking Stockheaded for college

  • Where are you?
  • The Junior Timeline
  • The Great Sorting Game
  • Homework: Resume worksheet

2) December 16: What, When, Who?

  • Understanding your PSAT results
  • Your “Team”
  • Family Connection
  • Homework: Log into, and get started with, Family Connection

3) January 8: Standardized Testing

  • SAT vs. ACT
  • Other Tests
  • Testing Timetable
  • Prep Me
  • Homework: Take SAT and ACT diagnostic Tests

4) January 28: The College Search    Bring your laptops!

  • Making a Match
  • Research Colleges
  • Homework: Use Family Connection. Make a list of prospective colleges.

5) February 20:  College athletics and getting recruited

  • What is the difference between D1, D2, and D3 schools, in terms of competitiveness and scholarship possibilities/lack thereof?
  • How does the NCAA Eligibility Center  work?
  • Picking a School for Academic and Athletic Reasons: How would you feel if you went to a certain school for a sport and did not make the team or got injured? Pick a school that is a fit in every way, not just athletically.

6) March 4: Making the Most of a Visit

  • Visit Checklists
  • Homework: Go for at least one college visit.  Keep a journal and take notes on the visit(s).  The Northwood College Guidance Office will offer the following trip options:

a) University of Vermont and St. Michaels.
b) St. Lawrence and Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam
c) Siena and Albany

7) March 26: The Application

  • Decision Plans
  • Common Application
  • Recommendation
  • Homework: Complete the Common Application on Paper, except for the essays.

8) April 23: The Essay

  • What is a good topic?
  • Homework: Write a practice Essay in Your English class.

9) May 6: The Interview

  • Types of Interviews.
  • How to present yourself.
  • Practice Interview Questions.
  • Homework: Make a list of plans for the summer. Accomplish all of the tasks on your summer list.

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