• Arrange to have standarized test scores (that’s ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and TOEFL, as necessary) sent to colleges/universities you’ve applied to. Here’s how.
  • Complete Transcript Request Forms for all colleges with January deadlines and turn them in to the College Guidance Office no later than the Friday before the start of break (December 13).
  • Meet with your college counselor, as necessary.
  • Apply to all colleges with January deadlines.
  • Complete items from previous checklists that you haven’t finished.
  • Check with Mrs. Moore about your teacher recommendations. Write thank you notes to teachers who have already written recommendations and politely remind teachers who haven’t written theirs yet.
  • Collect Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA, CSS/PROFILE, and college-specific forms), which should be completed by your parents as soon as possible after the new year. More on Financial Aid.
  • Winter Vacation is the one of the last good chances for college visits before decisions are mailed.

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