Dear Northwood Seniors (and your parents):

It’s December! Snow has started to fall in Lake Placid, and we’re well into the college application season. Early decision and early action applications have been submitted, as well as applications to University of California institutions,  Pennsylvania State, University of Washington and a few other programs whose deadlines have passed. A quarter of the senior class has submitted college applications.

In this issue:

  • college interview tips,
  • financial aid tip sheets,
  • the December checklist,
  • is part of your application missing?
  • Would JFK be Admitted to Harvard Today?

Thank you for your support, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


John Spear
Director of College Counseling

Transcript Requests for All January Deadlines

Seniors submitting applications with January (or Dec 31st) deadlines need to have their Transcript Request Forms to the college counseling office no later than Friday, December 14th.

Don’t Forget: Submit Test Scores

Arrange to have standardized test scores (that’s ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and TOEFL, as necessary) sent to colleges/universities you’ve applied to. Here’s how.

admitoneCollege Acceptance Congratulations

Congratulations to Kristen (Fordham University) and Johannes (Colby-Sawyer College): Northwood’s first of many college acceptances this year.

College Interview Tips

Students shouldn’t worry too much about their college interviews. Most colleges acknowledge that a strong academic recordgood test scores and interesting extracurricular activities are all more important than the interview. That said, the interview is an excellent opportunity for demonstrating interest in a college and showing off your personality. Even more on interviews.

Financial Aid Tip Sheets

The College Board offers an excellent set of financial aid tipsheets for parents and students. They cover an array of important topics ranging from understanding and comparing financial aid award letters to financial planning and debt management for in-school and graduate students. More about financial aid.

The December Checklist

Finalizing your list of schools, applying to colleges and universities, scheduling visits to campuses, thanking recommenders and keeping college coaches up-to-date are some of the items on the plate for this month. Check out the December checklist for seniors and PGs. There is a lot to do, and with athletic seasons upon us, the time is tight.

Is Part of Your Application Really Missing?

You’ve sent out your last college application. You know that you’ve taken every step possible to provide thoughtful and complete application packets. Now it’s time to wait for the responses. Instead, you receive a letter saying that parts of your application are missing. Don’t worry; it happens. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is really missing. If you or the college counseling office has sent it in, it often takes a couple of days or even a week for their computer system to show it has been received. If in doubt, call the admissions office and say: “I applied for admission, and I am calling to confirm that my file is complete.”

Would JFK Have Been Admitted to Harvard if He Applied Today?

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy prompted an avalanche of coverage about his life and death. Here’s a look at something that hasn’t got much attention: his education.

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has digitized a number of records relating to his educational experience, and here are some of those documents, including his Harvard University application — in his own handwriting — as well as his grades from The Choate School and a letter from his father, Joseph Kennedy, to the Harvard admissions dean explaining that JFK was “brilliant” but “careless” and “lacks ambition” for things that didn’t interest him. Read More.

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