• Meet with your college counselor, if necessary.
  • Meet with your coach(es) (if applicable).
  • Finalize your list of colleges; make sure you have at least two reach schools, two match schools and two safe schools.
  • Determine which financial aid applications are required at each college to which you’re applying.
  • File applications with December deadlines before Thanksgiving break. Make sure your college counselor knows that you have a December deadline. Also make sure your Family Connection list of Colleges I’m Applying To is up-to-date.
  • Complete all application forms during Thanksgiving break; this is very important. You don’t necessarily need to hit submit then, especially if your counselor hasn’t reviewed it yet.
  • See your college counselor the first week after break if you need help on part of an application. Schedule an appointment with your counselor.
  • Remind your teachers to complete teacher recommendations; check with Mrs. Moore to see if your recommendations have been received.
  • Thank your teachers who have already completed your recommendations.
  • Remember: All of your college applications should be completed and submitted before you leave for winter break in December.

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