I am eagerly awaiting the start of a new program at Northwood School called College Admissions 101. It’s part of the week-long Spring Program that the school does the week following commencement exercises.

We have big plans and high hopes for College Admissions 101. By the end of this spring program, students will have…

  • Met individually with Mr. Spear or Mrs. Kilbourne-Hill at least twice
  • Become familiar with the Family Connection web site
  • Researched college majors and have a few possible majors in mind
  • Developed a list of 10-20 prospective colleges and universities
  • Completed a “Brag Sheet” listing their accomplishments, interests, activities, etc.
  • Practiced admissions interviews with college admissions officers
  • Written a personal resume
  • Toured at least nine college campuses representing “types:” small, large, rural, urban, public, private, liberal arts, university, etc.
  • Completed a draft college application
  • Drafted a college essay
  • Recorded brief instructional videos about the college admissions process

And if students plan to compete in intercollegiate athletics they also will have…

  • Met with their coaches to discuss college options
  • Written sports resumes
  • Written letters to college coaches
  • Registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center

College Admissions 101 Spring Program


Saturday, May 19th

1:30 – 2:30 in the library:           Overview of the week
Expectations for videos
What we hope to get out of the week

Sunday, May 20th

12:30 – 1:30 in the library:              Workshop: The Common Application
4:15 – 5:15 in the library:                 Workshop: Your resume
On your own:                                      Review Monday’s school profiles
Work on Common Application and resume
8:15pm in the auditorium:               Mr. Reed on making the most out of a college visit

Monday, May 21st

Video projects today:

  • What do colleges want to see in applicants? (team: 1)
  • Making the most of a college visit. (team: 2)

St. Lawrence University tour beginning at 9:00am
Q & A with Al Gotsch, Associate Director of Admissions

Quick look at SUNY Canton

Clarkson University beginning with lunch at noon
Athletics facilities tour with hockey coaches
Campus tour
Q & A with admissions staff

SUNY Potsdam tour at 3:00pm
Q & A with Assistant Director of Admission Josh Bartell
Dinner at SUNY Potsdam (Return at approximately 8pm)

Tuesday, May 22nd

8:30 am in the library:            Workshop on the college essay with Mr. Reed
9:30 – 11:30:                             Individual work on the college essay and application
12:30:                                          Reading buddies community service
After reading buddies:             Bring draft resume and college essay topic to the library
1:30 in the lecture hall             Prospective college athletes: Getting recruited
Others: work on essay, application and resume (in the library)
3:00 in the auditorium:           Panel discussion on the College Interview
Mr. Good (Bowdoin and Brown)
Mrs. Farrell (Middlebury)
Mr. Lussi (Dartmouth)

Wednesday, May 23rd

Video projects today:

  • The college admissions interview (team: 3)
  • Getting recruited and playing intercollegiate athletics (all prospective college athletes )
  • Questions and considerations for international students (all international students)

Arrive at Skidmore College for 9:30 tour followed by a Q & A with Senior Associate Director of Admissions Cathy DeLorenza

Lunch on your own in Saratoga Springs (you’ll be given $10; feel free to bring more)

Arrive at RPI at 1:00pm
“Intercollegiate athletics” with the women’s hockey staff or “Considerations for International Students” with admissions staff
Tour of RPI at 2:00, followed by a Q & A

Quick look at Siena College

Informal tour of SUNY Albany

Dinner in/near Albany (you’ll be given $10; feel free to bring more)

Thursday, May 24th

Video project today:

  • Liberal Arts vs. Career-Focused Colleges (team: 1)

Arrive at the University of Vermont (UVM) between 9:30 and 10:00
Q & A with Admissions Counselor Allison Goldsmith
Campus Tour with a peek at Champlain College

Lunch on your own on Church Street in Burlington (you’ll be given $10; feel free to bring more)

Arrive at St. Michael’s College at 2:00pm
Campus tour and Q & A with Director of Admissions Jacki Murphy

Dinner in Plattsburgh (you’ll be given $10; feel free to bring more)

Quick look at SUNY Plattsburgh

Friday, May 25th

9:00am – 4:00pm (Begin in the library)

  • Work on video editing
  • Complete resume
  • Complete essay
  • Complete application
  • Write to coaches

Over the weekend

Finalize your video(s). If we have time, we’ll show them all at school meeting.

All of them will be posted on Mr. Spear’s College Guidance YouTube channel and promoted via Northwood’s Facebook page. Be proud of your videos: you’ll get hundreds of views right away and probably a thousand or more in a couple of months.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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