A resume is most known as a tool prospective employees use to market themselves to potential employers. It’s a list of experiences, accomplishments that qualify you for the job or for admission to college or the scholarship program.

Why does a high school student need a resume?

resumeFirst, many colleges and universities require applicants to submit a resume, and each year more and more ask for one. Most scholarship applications also request a resume. Equally important, creating a resume is a valuable impetus to reflect on your life, take stock in what you have accomplished and write it all down. The resume will also be helpful for you as you fill out your college applications and for your teachers as they write their teacher recommendations.

Your resume…

  1. Serves as a foundation for the Common App Activities List (or vice versa–see this post if you’ve already written your activities list).
  2. Gives teachers and counselors a framework for their letters of recommendation.
  3. Provides you with a list of ready-made talking points for an admissions interview.
  4. May inspire your Common App essay.
  5. Is a requirement for many scholarships or internship and employment opportunities (read: $$).
  6. Can be used to apply for summer jobs and internships.

Browse these sample resumes and find the style you like best. You can modify the colors, fonts, format, and style to suit you.

Note:    To use these sample college resume templates yourself, open the GoogleDoc, go to “File” > “Make a copy…” > “Ok” and you will have your own version of the template to customize for yourself. Be sure to rename your GoogleDoc.

Please note: it’s usually a good idea to include your resume on your college application if everything on your resume is also on your application; however, you can include your resume under “Additional Information” in the Common Application if there isn’t enough room on your application for all of your activities, awards, and experience.

You should share your resume with your college counselor. You may also want to share it with your advisor and the teachers you ask to write recommendations.

One final note: most high school resumes should be able to fit on one page. Very rarely should a student resume go to a second page, and it should never exceed two pages.

Many of these templates have been modified from this outstanding resource by the College Essay Guy.

This resource was originally publish in May 2012. It was re-written in February 2019.

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