What is a resume?

A resume is most known as a tool prospective employees use to market themselves to potential employers. It’s a list of experiences, accomplisments that qualify you for the job or for admission to college or the scholarshp program.

Why does a high school student need a resume?

First, many colleges and universities require applicants to submit a resume, and each year more and more ask for one. Most scholarship applications also request a resume. Equally important, creating a resume is a valuable impetus to reflect on your life, take stock in what you have accomplished and write it all down. The resume will also be helpful for you as you fill out your college applications and for your teachers as they write their teacher recommendations.

What is included in a resume?
Lynn Radlauer, founder of Admission By Design, on the web site www.inlikeme.com, suggests that your resume include the following information:

  • Heading: Identifying information such as: name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, and high school.
  • Objective or Overview (optional): Can be used for a specific purpose such as consideration for a scholarship or intended major
  • Key Stats: Class rank (e.g. 15/267) or percentile (top 10%), GPA, SAT, ACT
  • Education: High schools attended. (Optional: Senior year classes & AP or impressive courses taken prior to senior year)
  • School Activities: List activities and grade (e.g. 9, 10,11) including clubs, class activities, sports, performing groups, sports, etc. Note leadership roles and special recognition. Be descriptive: Instead of “High School Newspaper”, consider (if accurate) “Feature Editor (11) Reporter (9, 10) School Newspaper Recognized as Best in County in 2007”.
  • Honors and Awards: List along with grade (e.g. Debate Finalist – 9, 10)
  • Community Activities: List activities, leadership roles and grades during which you participated.
  • Enrichment Activities: Include relevant programs, special projects, travel experiences, hobbies, musical accomplishments,
  • Work Experience: Starting with the most recent, list each work experience (paid, unpaid or your own business) including job title; business name and location, dates of your employment. Include anything else that would be impressive (e.g. specific duties, recognition).
  • Other: (optional) Special circumstances and situations; additional details about “hook” or “wow factor”
  • References (optional): Name and relationship

How do I create a resume?

You can log in to Family Connection and create a resume there. After you log in, go to “About Me” and click on “Resume.” You can also simply go here: https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/resume/ to get started.


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