By Stephen “Reno” Reed

1. Be ready with a few intelligent questions about the university/college, questions that are not answered in the college catalog.  The best questions will deal with the ability of the college to help you achieve your goals. Questions which show that you have read the catalog and have thought about it are also good.

2. Be prepared to answer questions relating to your high school record, your interests, your outside reading and your goals.  A good interviewer will ask about why you have chosen his college to consider and what you feel you can offer the college.  You may be asked to evaluate the quality of your education thus far.

3. If you are an athlete, don’t brag – be modest but factual.  When you are given a chance to direct the conversation, direct it to your academic and career interests.

4. Dress neatly.  At a minimum – ties and nice slacks or skirt and blouse.

5. Be yourself – except for point four – allow your personality and enthusiasm to shine through.  Don’t look bored and don’t read material when the admissions officer is talking – make eye contact.

6. Take advantage of the tour to glean information from your student guide about the more social aspects of campus life (as well as to verify the representations of the admissions personnel).

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