The Middlebury College admissions office has published this list of tips for parents of students on the college search process. Below is a summer. Read more here.

10. Remember that this process is not about you.

9. Support and encouragement are more appropriate than pressure and unsolicited advice.

8. Do not use the words “we” or “our” when referring to your children’s application process.

7. Help them prepare but let them perform.

6. Encourage your children to make their own college appointments, phone calls, and e-mails.

5. Allow your children to ask the questions.

4. Prepare your children for disappointment.

3. Never complete any portion of the college application — yes, even if it is just busy work.

2. Do not let stereotypes or outdated information steer your children away from schools in which they would otherwise have an interest.

1. Never, ever, during a college visit buy that souvenir sweatshirt or T-shirt from the bookstore in your size – it’s a dead giveaway!

Read more.

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