The Middlebury College admissions office published this informative and helpful guide. Here’s a summary. Read the full article here.

10. Visit, if possible, at least some of the colleges that you are considering.

9. Feel free to schedule an interview if you are going to be visiting…

8. Share your reactions about the colleges you visit with your parents and others.

7. You don’t need to apply to 15-20 colleges just because some of your friends are.

6. Apply Early Decision only if is your clear first choice.

5. Be aware that your SAT/ACT scores will probably play less of a role in your admissions decision than you may think.

4. Relax when it comes time to writing your personal essay and let it come from your heart.

3. Choose the teachers who write letters of recommendation for you carefully.

2. Submit additional letters of recommendation only if they are from people who know you really well and can add things about you that others couldn’t.

1. Remember that a year from now you will very likely be attending some truly excellent college.

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