Some high school students know for certain that medical school is in their future. For these students, it is important to find an undergraduate college that makes the transition to medical school as seamless as possible.

Some undergraduate colleges have relationships with medical schools at other institutions (e.g., Union College and Albany Medical School) and some have partnerships with the med schools on their campus (Tufts, Brown, Boston University). Many of these programs have strict course progressions that begin the fall of the first year, and require students to apply to the program during their senior year in high school. They’ll often have strict GPA requirements, too (no Cs allowed!).

Here’s a list of such programs and here’s another listing.

But here’s a note of caution: a majority of college students change majors at least once between their freshman and junior year. Jumping in with both feet to a program as prescriptive as a BS/MD program limits a students ability to explore other disciplines. A BS/MD student usually doesn’t have a schedule with art, philosophy, political science and creative writing. Maybe a little of that with a lot of science and math.

As always, consult with your counselor for guidance.

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