If you’re on your national team or on the short list to join the national team in the next season or two you’ll probably be recruited by colleges or universities without having to do much at all.

But most student-athletes aren’t at that level and they need to take an active role in the recruiting process. Most student-athletes will only be recruited if they take the first step, and write to coaches. They should write to coaches at the end of their junior year and at the beginning of their senior year.

During their senior year, student-athletes should also write to coaches frequently. Hockey players should let coaches know a week in advance about tournaments in which they will play, including their jersey number and game times/opponents. Individual sport athletes should update coaches on results and points totals.

Keep in mind that college coaches get hundreds of letters each week and they can’t respond to each email or letter. The fact that they didn’t respond doesn’t necessarily mean they are not interested.

Here are some sample letters and a sample sports resume to help you write yours.

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