2017-18 Standardized Test Calendar

Test Date Tests
Test Center
Aug 26 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Sept. 9 ACT Northwood 181280
Oct. 7 SAT and Subject Tests Saranac Lake 33836
Oct. 11 PSAT 8/9 – 9th
PSAT – 11th  and 10th Practice ACT – 12th/PG
Northwood N/A
Oct. 28 ACT Northwood 181280
Nov. 4 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Dec. 2 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
Dec. 9 ACT Saranac Lake HS 160550
March 10 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
April 14 ACT Plattsburgh HS
or school near home
or TBD
May 5 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
May 7-18 AP Exams Northwood N/A
June 2 SAT and Subject Tests Northwood 33542
June 9 ACT Saranac Lake
or school near home
or TBD

A Reliable SAT/ACT Testing Schedule for Most Students

Step 1: Take the PSAT as a junior. 

Step 2: Take the February ACT or March SAT as a junior.

Step 3: Take the May or June SAT/ACT as a junior. 

Step 4: Study hard during the summer, and take the August SAT or the September ACT as a senior.

Step 5: If you’re still not satisfied, you have one last shot as a senior for the late fall SAT and ACT.

English language learners take the TOEFL in the fall or spring. Coordinate testing dates with the Director of International Students, who approves all TOEFL testing before students register.

Important Information for Recently Graduated Seniors

Dear Graduating Senior:

Congratulations on your graduation from Northwood! I enjoyed the ceremonies during commencement weekend. Unfortunately, I had to leave for our LEAP course in Iceland as you were ringigraduateng the victory bell. My quick departure meant I didn’t get to say congratulations and goodbye to most of you. I hope you have a wonderful summer and keep in touch with me and your alma mater.

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The Class of 2017 is Headed to College!


Congratulations to the Northwood School class of 2017, and good luck in college. Please keep in touch with your alma mater. We’ll miss you!

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Junior Workshop: Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Yesterday was the latest session in the ongoing series of workshops on the college search for Northwood juniors.We focused on Asking Teachers For Recommendations. Here are the handouts and the presentation:

Items currently on junior to-do lists include…

  • recMeet with your college counselor
  • Work on your resume
  • Work on your college essay
  • Clean up your social media. Make your Twitter and Instagram private and update your Facebook settings.
  • Visit colleges over the summer.
  • Have a summer test prep plan.
  • Get a summer job.
  • Keep your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list up-to-date.
  • Ask teachers for recommendations.

Did you miss the meeting? See your college counselor for the recommendation packet and instructions.

Before the end of next week ask for at least three recommendations and return your green slip, which lists everyone you asked, to Ms. Ransom or your college counselor. On your green slip, you must only list teachers you asked. If you didn’t ask the teachers, they won’t write the recommendation, even if you list them on the green sheet.

Remember, we want you to ask for at least three recommendations.

Scholarship Search Resources

Scholarship Vintage Orange Seal Isolated On White

Here are some scholarship search resources that may yield some results for you. Be sure to read up on how to avoid scams. My best advice on scholarships is to apply early and look beyond the large (and highly competitive) scholarships and consider the smaller, niche scholarships.

Also, be sure to let the college counseling office know well in advance of any deadlines about what needs to be mailed from school (for example: letters of recommendation, test scores, transcript, etc.). Good luck!

Northwood boarding students are also advised to contact the guidance counselor at their hometown high school to determine which scholarships are available to students in their hometowns.

These are the most popular scholarship resources:

Northwood’s college counselors have also heard good things about these scholarship resources:

Session 3: Standardized Testing

testStandardized testing is the third session in Northwood’s program about the college search and application process for juniors.

During this session we diedscuss the different types of testing (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL, AP) and when to take them.

I also introduced Khan Academy’s SAT prep program. Northwood students are able to prepare for the SAT at their own pace, at absolutely no cost. Download a real, full-length SAT practice test, watch an expert work through real SAT problems, and get even more practice using interactive exercises, which feature lots of previously-unreleased problems from real SATs grouped by topic and difficulty level. If students feel like they  need to brush up on fundamentals, they can check out the Algebra mission, which will help them master core concepts covered on the SAT.

Their homework after this sessions is…

  1. Take a full-length SAT and ACT at Northwood in March
  2. Register for the SAT or ACT this spring
  3. Get started with Khan Academy SAT Prep

Here are resources I distributed at the session:

John Spear
Director of College Guidance

Northwood Senior College Checklist: Second Semester Edition


  • Send handwritten thank you notes to teachers who wrote recommendations.The questionnaire
  • Financial Aid Forms mailed by parents. These forms are available through the College Financial Aid Office and online (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov or http://profileonline.collegeboard.com).
  • Be sure to also send school-specific financial aid forms.
  • Last chance for the SAT or SAT Subject tests.
  • Midyear reports, including first semester grades, mailed to colleges.
  • College decisions begin to be mailed.

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